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Robert Abele(Los Angeles Times): Unless you're a cool of yawn-worthy shootouts and showdowns, "The Prince" is a "Taken" retread rigorously indicative of any special set of skills.
Andrew Barker(Variety): An unused Netflix user could certainly do almost worse when browsing for mindless actioners. But the overall look of shrugging obligation from those one as well as the other in front of and behind the camera proves contagious.
Jordan Hoffman(New York Daily News): 'Taken' lacking any of the charisma or animation.
Prairie Miller(Critical Women): Macho mayhem during the time that the male version of maternal innate. While Willis rather delicately negotiates his darker oblique, in a shaky balance between a weakly humanized professional psychopath seeking closure ~ the sake of a major grievance, and just a certainly rotten dude.

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